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For those of you that like to hold a bar before you purchase it, while we don't have a retail location, we deal directly with several dealers and strive to keep them supplied with our product. 


Dealer List

Canadian    (Richmond Hill, ON)

London Gold   (London & Hamilton, ON)

The Coin     (Toronto, ON)

Colonial Acres Coins:  (Kitchener, ON)

Arcade Coin & Stamp     (Toronto, ON)

Coin Stamp Supplies:    (St Catharines, ON)

Citadel Coins​:     (Halifax, NS)

London Coin Centre:    (London, ON)

Metro Coin &     (Toronto, ON)

Please note, each of the above companies is individual owned and operated.   As such, they set their own pricing on bullion products.  Dealers may not have a full line up of all of our products in stock.  If you are planning to be in the area, make sure to call ahead for availability.


For Collectors of Hand-Poured Silver

Below is a list of hand poured silver companies. We've added them here as a reference for people who are interested in hand poured silver.  Some of these companies are large while some are very small; some do both poured silver and stamped silver.  All of them though produce products that we think are interesting and will appeal to lovers of hand poured silver.



Beaver Bullion:

Canadian Silver Saver:


United States

Atlantis Mint:

Bison Bullion:

Ericson Mint: 

First Majestic Silver Corp:

Hac Precious Metals:

Kannibal Hektor:

MK Barz:

Monarch Precious Metals:

Mutiny Metals:

newmitsmutits :

Pirate Booty Bullion:

Pit Bullion:

Prospector's Gold & Gems:

Redwood Poured:

Rix Metal Worx:

Scottsdale Mint:



Stackers Mint:

Vulture Peak Mines:

Yeagers Poured Silver:


United Kingdom

Backyard Bullion:



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If you know of any additional companies that produce hand poured silver, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know.  To be on this list the company must produce at least one hand poured silver product under 100 troy ounces in size and still be actively in business.