Beaver Bullion's Master of the Mint, John Masterson

 I love silver, I always have.  The way if feels, the way it sounds, the satisfying heft it has when you are holding it in your hands has always appealed to me.  Even as a kid, I made a point of looking through my pocket change to see if any of the coins were old enough to be 'real silver money'. I still look but sadly my lucky finds aren't nearly as common as they were all those years ago.

As a silver lover, there has never been a wider selection of truly breath taking pieces available as there is today.  I could spend my salary several times over just trying to get one of each coin from the Royal Canadian Mint before I even had a chance pick up any Eagles, Libertads, Kooks or Pandas just to name a few.  

The only problem I have with these items is that I can't touch them.  Many of the coins and bullion items coming out of the world mints (and even many of the private mints) have such a nice finish that if I try to hold them, I'll mar them with my finger prints or scratch them in some microscopic way.  Unfortunately for me, that takes away some of the fun of having silver.

After 'discovering' hand poured silver, I obviously wanted more.  Being in Canada, besides Monarch, all I could find was the odd Scottdale and Atlantis Mint item, along with maybe a vintage Johnson Matthey or Engelhard. I spent some time researching online. I was able to see some of the many fantastic craft silver companies out of the United States. While I was able to get my hands on some of these great items, some didn't ship to Canada or charged an small fortune to get the items across the border.

It takes a lot of work and practice to avoid making an ugly blob or to avoid having a bunch of molten metal blow up in your face. - I can't stress this enough, if you are ever going to try to pour your own gold or silver bars, wear safety gear.

After what seemed like a lifetime mistakes, lost pours & ugly blobs my team and I have worked hard at our craft . We are excited to showcase our beautiful Canadian hand poured silver products.

I hope that you enjoy them.


John Masterson